Robot Studios was built with one thing in mind…

Offer clients capabilities & equipment that doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth, under one roof.

Our in-house BOLT High-Speed Cinebot, Milo Motion Control System, robotic lift tables & rotators allow us to produce incredible live action imagery that is humanly impossible any other way. Then we took it even further with our in-house Super Technocrane 30’, Scorpio 23’ Telescopic Camera Crane and a 13’ car turntable.

Bigger than Big!

Studio A Cyclorama is a massive 103’ wide with two 41’ return walls & 21’ to the grid.
It’s so big that this 73’ tractor trailer still has 15’ of space on each end.

Studio B Is the Largest Permanent Green Screen Cyclorama in Florida

40’x 46’ at 19’ High / 21’ to Grid with over 21,000 sq. ft. of open floor space.

Painted with highly illuminating Rosco Digicomp HD paint.

Flexible Space

Studio C is just right for smaller shoots such as food shoots & product, photo shoots, can be used as a separate catering & dining hall for big shoots, & more!

Home / Kitchen Set

Studio D is built with solid walls & has a collection of different fake doors & windows that can be easily hung anywhere. So the room can quickly change to a completely different look!

And More…